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Carpet Upholstery & Fabric Odor Removal & Stain Cleaner 32 oz Spray
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Carpet Upholstery & Fabric Odor Removal & Stain Cleaner        128 oz Economy
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Dog & Puppy Odor Removal & Stain Cleaner 
                                32 oz. Spray
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Cat & Cage Odor Removal & Stain Cleaner 32oz Spray
Amazon shots 2018 128oz Dog (1).jpg
               Dog & Puppy Odor Removal & Stain Cleaner 
                                      128 oz. Economy Size
Cat and Cage 128 oz.jpg
Cat & Cage Odor Removal & Stain Cleaner 128oz Economy Size


"Exclusive probiotic blend of beneficial bacteria completely wipes out pee & poop smells from dogs, cats, and small animals. Leaves nothing behind but furry freshness. Most carpet cleaners and deodorizers merely mask the stink."


"Every milliliter contains a blend of 60 to 75 million bacilli, the “good bacteria”. These friendly microbes destroy the source of the odor. Without food, the bad bacteria that causes those annoying pee smells are starved and die away"


"Base formulation has GRAS (“Generally Regarded as Safe”) designation by the FDA.  Safe and 100% Non-toxic so you can confidently use it around your kids & pets. Contains no harmful chemicals such as “free-floating” chemical enzymes, disinfectants, or deodorizers."

FOR ALL WATER-BASED MACHINES & STEAM CLEANERS: Hoover®, Bissell®, Rug Doctor®, Kenmore®, Carpet Express®, and more. Ideal machine accessory as a stain pre-cleaner, or spot cleaning when housebreaking to remove scent markings. Use directly to remove urine smells & pet stains from any kind of carpet products, even oriental rugs.


Our Tale

OdorBiotics Pet Odor Removal products are developed and manufactured in the USA and distributed by LifeBrands in Tampa, Florida. We offer leading edge, technology-based products, that suit today's modern lifestyle.


With background experiences in chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing, spanning over 40 years, we are constantly on the lookout for new  and unique innovations to solving age-old problems. We think OdorBiotics fits this criteria, and has exceeded all expectations. We hope you agree, and would love to hear from you! Call our Toll Free number or email us through our support group. 

Thank you again for considering out product. Your friends, family, and  furry loved ones will enjoy that fresh feeling of clean!


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